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One of a kind, custom armor, tailored to each warrior.

At The Dragon Horde, every piece of armor is custom-made just for you, from a wristlet to a full set. To get started, browse our items in The Armory for what you like best. There are many awesome options to choose from! 

A person filling out their Warrior Profile
It's easy to fill our your warrior profile.

Once you are ready, please create an account. You'll have the option to share your body type, fit preferences, and anything else you would like us to know. We'll take exact measurements as well for certain areas. We provide you with a handy reference guide to know exactly where you should measure and how you should do it. Be sure to use a Fabric Measuring Tape! If you don't have one, Amazon sells them for cheap, or you can pick one up from a hobby shop.

Once you've filled out your Warrior Profile, please visit the item you wish to order. Order the item you want (if you need to order through a payment plan, visit the TOS). This claims your slot in our waitlist!

Example of someone filling out a coloring page.

Each item has a specific page to color which allows you to completely customize the look of your item. Please note: the color swatches are not accurate to scale color. Visit our Important Questions for images of scale colors. Right click the coloring page from the photos at the bottom of the item's page and Save As to your computer. Or visit this Google Drive to download them all at once! You can use any coloring tool you want, even colored pencils, but we prefer a digital tool; there are many free options like Microsoft Paint and GIMP, and others like Adobe Photoshop, Procreate or Affinity Designer.

After you have colored your page, please save it in the highest DPI setting you can (300 is preferred). Email the image to us at better.with.dragons@gmail.com with the email heading "Colored page for [Order Number]". We will connect your coloring page to your order which allows us to then gather the supplies needed to begin crafting your new armor! (If you want a single color for your order, just send us the email with the same header, and let us know you only want one color.)

We will carefully analyze your profile, read and incorporate any written feedback you provide, and create a stunning piece of armor that is custom-made specifically, and exclusively, for you.