Hi, my name is Carly! I'm a graphic and web designer who loves to play games. I have an awesome husband and two crazy girls. I am a big fan of games like Skyrim, Horizon Zero Dawn, Monopoly, pretty much everything Paper Mario, and more.

I started Ready Gamer One as a way to share some of the unique things I have designed. I also provide my own versions of things that many of my gamer friends have said "man, I wish I could have that in real life." One key example of this is the Togepi Hoodie. It is inspired by the hoodie from Pokemon Go, a popular mobile app.

While I myself am based in the USA, I ship worldwide thanks to the networks provided by the printing companies I employ. Each company I use makes every item by hand, precision cutting and hand-stitching each item with care to provide the best quality!

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